Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Novel's Protagonist: Frankie

In my previous post, I gave you my first stab at a book jacket description of my novel.  Today I thought that I would give you a bit of insight into one of my characters:  Frankie.

I'm still shopping around for her last name, but essentially, I have everything I need.  

(FYI:  I was able to complete a full character bio using Sarah Domet's "90 Days To Your Novel")
Frankie is 26 year old museum docent whose family moved to Toronto after Frankie's younger sister died.  She loves romance and happy endings, hates anything scary and thinks that scifi/fantasy is stupid.

She is 5 foot 4, black straight hair, and blue eyes.  She considers herself to be only a 5/10 and addicted to Chinese Food take-out.

She's good at her job but because she is a people pleaser, she has a hard time being assertive, which costs her opportunities.

That is just a basic run-down of my protagonist, Frankie.  I had to leave some things out as it would create plot spoilers before you even read it.  You know you want to ... right?

After reading a basic description of Frankie I hope that the jacket cover description has you even more intrigued.  If she loves happy endings and hates anything scary - what will happen when she is feels that it is her fault her friend Carol is dead?

The police reassure her that it was a break-in gone bad.  But was it?  She loves happy endings and this definitely was not a happy ending.

I may not be able to post too much on the characters as some of them have things to hide and I don't want to give anything away.  

Later this week:  A sample of my writing!  Yikes!

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