Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Speak Proper English Like What I Do

My dad, Geoff, is pretty darn funny, and he says that line as often as he can.  He has also had the opportunity to use this other gem a few times in his life and he is always pleased with himself: Of course the Queen's English, she was bloody born there, wasn't she?  Zing!

My dad is from Yorkshire, England, and he emigrated here to Canada, roughly 40 years ago.  Hence, the Queen reference.

He's a giant kid who happens to be in his sixties.  He is a Harry Potter expert (for those of you who have seen an HP movie with him, you can attest to this, as he spends an hour telling you what was "wrong" with the movie afterwards), he can tell you what the outcome of an episode of Reboot (a shout-out to all my Canadian friends here) will be from the first few seconds he sees, and he owns every Pixar movie.
*Not my actual Dad*

Monday, 3 February 2014

Up to My Eyeballs in Crap

I have been metaphorically and almost literally, up to my eyeballs in crap.

The house in which my mother and mother-in-law live, had a backed up sewer pipe, which, caused sewage to back up into the laundry tub, and over on the floor.  A few times.  

We hired a plumber who was trying to save us some money by attempting several ways to clean out the pipe before determining that it had actually collapsed.

While he was playing at Bill Nye The Plumbing Guy, we had to keep bailing out the laundry tub into empty paint drums and Rubbermaid storage containers.  At one point, my fiancĂ©, drilled a hole into the laundry tub so it would self-bail into another tub.  Is this how an episode of Hoarders starts?
Imagine this ... but with sewage.