Monday, 20 January 2014

Aidan's Main Project: The Novel

"The Novel" is what I have been working on for roughly six years, in some may call, a sprint-like fashion.

The main idea came to me in a dream and I began to write.  Many things halted the writing process:  work, relationships, life, writer's block, an affair with Hugh Jackman.  Just kidding on the last one.

As I mentioned in a previous post I was stuck until I started reading Writer's Digest articles, almost religiously, and borrowed books from the library that were suggested by their site.  Then BOOM!  Major progress:  character bios, which led to more story ideas, which led to overcoming the points in the plot where I was stuck, which led to huge editing including taking out a character and an entire section of the book.  By the way, one of the best books I read was James N. Frey's "How to Write a Damn Good Thriller"

I promised in my last post that I would start blogging about my novel and so far I haven't yet, eh?  My main fear is that another novelist out there will take my idea and whip out a novel in a few months before I can finish mine.  Hence, my hesitancy.  

And because I'm a bit of a coward here is my jacket cover description:

Frankie is trying to move on with her life after her friend Carol's death, for which she feels responsible, when she gets a note from her with a warning:  They will be coming for you.  Despite the warning Frankie begins to investigate Carol's life and soon realizes she wasn't the woman she thought she was.  After someone trashes her apartment, she realizes she is being followed, and the people around her start to act strange.  She uncovers an international plot that goes back hundreds of years and somehow she is the key.  Can Frankie find out who Carol really was and how she was involved with a centuries' old plot?  Or will she become another victim?  Find out in "The Novel's Really Cool and Awesome Title".

If I'm feeling braver for my next post I will have more details.

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